Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Holey Sight

The plan today was to photograph icicles forming from homes in my area but it warmed up and they've melted drastically.

The backup plan was to travel 25 miles (one way) to the local farm orchard to see what the cold storage outlet had left in apples. We read it was still open until December 21 and were amazed. This is the longest time it has remained open for many years due to an abundance of quality apples. Not only did we pick up another peck of the Macouns, and a gallon of sweet cider, I found apple potholders and had to have them. They were marked down to $2.00! 

On the way over the hills and through the woods, I took a picture of a pretty countryside view.

On the return drive, I spotted this barn and, though there was no place to pull over, as the road is heavily traveled by the large natural gas vehicles - UGH! - I managed to shoot through the truck window and was so happy when we arrived home to see the shots came out so well.  We think a strong wind or a very big bird must have hit the old barn just right for the cave in event. Interesting, but sad as well.

Please click on photos to view larger


And then a stop at the car wash was necessary to remove mud and salt! It was a busy place there!



  1. Enjoyed your blog and the pictures..... now I'm hungry for apple pie.

  2. The photos are very nice!! The pot holders are so pretty and such a good buy!

  3. Liked the photos. It seems so peaceful where you live and you are right about a car wash. It's pretty sloppy around here as well.

  4. Love your photos. Icing on the roof of the house is wonderful. Be safe while driving on the snow.

  5. Oh....cider!!! Yum.
    What are you going to do with all the apples? Can them?
    That icicle line on the roof is very pretty!!

    I love to see the barns like this...such rich history.

    Have a happy holiday! [I don't know your first name...just nookworm] so...happy Christmas nookworm.

  6. I can't imagine driving 25 miles in the snow and ice! You are courageous! And quite industrious! To think you are about the same age as my mom....and my mom has trouble just getting herself up off the couch. You are quite blessed to be in such good physical shape to be able to do as much as you do for yourself.