Monday, August 1, 2011

Name That Bird!

I'm privileged to watch my hummingbird visitors through the cabin's dining room window. It's a good thing that I don't have as many fly in for my home-made nectar as many bird watchers do, because then I wouldn't be able to name them. One-at-a-time they come and only once in a while does a "swoop and bomb" occur. I've deducted that their sparse numbers are due to the wildflowers in this area. Every July the first one will arrive and look for my feeder. Only then do I make it up, using one cup of boiled water with 1/4 cup of white granulated sugar and a drop of red food coloring. The old feeder has been broken and repaired several times, but is definitely still in service. I wash it only with hot water and never use detergent or disinfectants. MY birds like to rest on the perch while drinking. They dip, lap, raise up, look around, and dip again to their heart's delight.

How many hummer watchers can name their birds by their distinctive body shapes, attitudes and actions? I can - easily!

•The dainty and very delicate one is "Tidbit."
•The shy one, that is always here for only a short sip is "Shrinker." He's VERY wary.
•One has a very rough coat (plumage) and it's name is "Scruffie."


•There is a very very slim, long and trim-bodied critter and its name is "String."
•The short bodied and plumpest one I have ever watched sometimes sleeps on the perch for a long time. Therefore, "Slug."It comes at sundown when I can't get its picture.

Those are my "regulars." There are more. One at a time. Several more. Not named - yet.

I think I'll name this fellow that came in this morning "Chunkie."

It's very difficult for me to photograph them. I do much better with flowers, bushes and trees that don't move before I can get the camera set up and put on my"camera/computer" eyeglasses.

"String" just flew in at 1pm. He's late!

"Shrinker" came in at 730 pm. It took him a long time to settle down to drink.

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