Monday, August 22, 2011


The Monday laundry blows in the wind - too much! I hate it when the sheet flips over the top line. I can't reach it to flip it back and if I reel the line in, the line soils the sheet as it rubs along. Sheets always seem to do this, but I'm simply not going to change the way they are pinned; the sun wouldn't do its job with the whitening and purifying process. And yes, I'm a bit old-fashioned.

Do you see the clothespin on the left bottom side? I jumped out of the box today - again. I grabbed the first thing of the correct size and weight and handy and pinned it inside the corner of the problem item. Threat altered!

I must tell Sue how much I appreciate the gift she gave me yesterday. It traveled far with her through several flight stopovers and held especially for a later presentation in a more relaxed environment.

I'll also tell her that I haven't found a non-conventional use for the exotic tea yet and will most likely just sip a cup soon.

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