Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet James 2010

The Actual James Creation.

One of my 4-H'er's married this fellow around 25 years ago and they have 4 children. He works a full time job and, as a sideline to support his family, he cuts down and trims trees. He has just started trying to make creative carvings. When he cut down our old and very sick blue spruce family tree, I wanted to save a part of it so...........

I stood there and cried when it came down. Now it is called, "James Marshall," after my maternal great grandfather. James is the spiritual guardian of "Cabin Tranquillity" a primitive log cabin that was built in 1960. My parents had this built and came for summer vacations for many years, and we live here today. The carving looks a bit like my relative because I gave him an old photo to have an idea of what I wanted. I also gave him full artistic freedom to make it as he wished, except it had to be a bit whimsical. WE all love "James," don't you?

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