Friday, January 29, 2021

This 'N That

I found this graphic on a blog that is written daily by one of my favorite TV anchors on our "go-to-station" WNEP. Andy Palumbo is really a gentleman with wit and humor and also seriousness in the correct places and time. His blogs can be very thought provoking. Andy's blog link 

Now for my quandary... Should I really pick up my eye drop prescription renewal now even though it is the beginning of the year and I haven't met my co-pay amount at all - or even come close to it? 

I have had it refilled twice last year and each time the cost was $42.20. I thought it wasn't covered and that those charges were the full cost. Wrong. That was the co-pay!  When I called to see if it was ready for pickup, the pharmacist alerted to me that the cost would be $119.81!  I probably should pay the price as I need it, but will treasure each and every drop. One little bottle will last two months if I only use it in the "scratchiest" eye! I feel like I'm a between a rock and a hard place and besides that - it is cold.
I baked my 2nd loaf of bread this morning. It is a frozen product and, though not really as tasty as I remember 'from-scratch' yeast bread. It costs just under $1.00 a loaf, slices easily and toasts well. it is OK and it smells really nice in here. Sometimes we just need an olfactory boost.
The Mister fell today when his cane gave way while he was walking to the drop box at the library to return my borrowed books. He is not hurt too bad, but had to have help to get up and now his hand is badly bruised. Nothing seems to be broken so he's home free-------AGAIN!
That's it! That's enough! Click on image if you care to see images larger.


  1. Ohhh no sorry to hear about the Hubby falling! Thanks hand looked bad soo glad it was not any worse. Wishing him a Speedy recovery! Kind regards from the Pottery!

  2. My goodness, that bruise looks awful. I hope he's not experiencing a lot of pain!!

    Yes, Rx can get expensive. I hear ya.

  3. Oh, your poor hubby...that looks so painful.