Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Short Story

The years flew by…

Birth to age 15 - Lots of physical activities and book reading. Many friends, all ages, all races, all religions. Musical involvement; choirs, bands, orchestra. Arts and crafts. Horses.

Age 15-20 - Boyfriends, modeling, horses, marriage and first child.

Age 20-25 - Pain, frustration, rebellion, three more children, divorce. 

Age 25-35 - Marriage, two more children, horses, friends, motorcycle and snowmobile trips, physical and emotional injuries. Betrayal.

Age 35-62 - Satisfied, productive, healed, new friends, new experiences, beach, retirement. Loss of family members and friends. New family members.

Age 62-80 - Productive in crafts, baking, cooking, new friends, sharing. Happy. More new family members, more friends died.

Age 80-85 - More new family members. Loss of more friends. Unsettled, self sufficient and responsible, less social, less independent, less motivated, more accepting, more judgmental.



  1. The best in life comes to those who wait! Very fulfilling....rough times too, but the good wins at the end!!

  2. Interesting story. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos!