Sunday, September 8, 2019

#1498 Eighty-four

I never let anyone tell me, "Age is just a number." It is NOT! It is a goal! Today is is 84.

The Mister woke up this morning and was at the table drinking his coffee when I came into the room and greeted him with "Happy Birthday!" Now I'm not sure if he really forgot or not, but he said he did! My usual question is "What did your sugar level test?" We both keep track of that. 

Please forgive me for not having his hunting, and police days images scanned. Shoulda - Coulda - I have a large collection of those including many of his racing photos in hands-on albums along with many certificates of commendation and news articles. 
And yes, there are a large number of all kinds of fish photos but it would be overkill! (I think these are in the order of his age.)

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  1. Happy birthday Ed. May the Lord bless you this coming year🙏🥰

  2. Happy Birthday Ed! I didn’t know he was into racing just like my Ed and now my son,Steve

  3. Happy Birthday Ed! Hope you enjoyed your day. Take care,