Saturday, September 7, 2019

#1497 Autumn is on the Horizon

The trees and grass are still green, but other signs forecast that summer is starting to terminate.
The Sedum are in full bloom, turning bright pink and falling over.
Soon the porch swing will be covered and the boat taken down.
The spread of the stems reveals spider nests.
Portulaca grew way too tall due to the wetness this year and is finished pushing out the pretty multicolored blossoms.
You can see the true color pink in the porch shadow.
A closer look is nicer.
The fern did well with the wetness but is turning brown now.
No more hummingbirds have been seen for three days. The pine cone wreath needs to be refurbished as the other birds have plucked it for nest materials early in the spring.
Beauty at its best.
The pollinators are hard at work.
I see many doing the job and that is a very good thing.
Henry stands proud but his contents are drooping and falling off more than usual.
I'm going to slice off a couple of leaves and try to root them for next year. It might work. I'll talk them into it!
James stands undressed waiting for his preservation treatment.
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  1. Beautiful! We still have hummingbirds coming to our feeders!