Sunday, June 10, 2018


LOOKEE...ALONG THE EDGE OF THE ROAD. Do you know what you see?
Every day I think about being very fortunate to still have good eyesight. My dad had a blind eye and my maternal grandfather had a glass eye. Even though I use three different sets of eyeglasses, the ability to see nature's beautiful things that surround me is greatly appreciated. Years ago I used to try to decide that, if I had a choice would I rather be blind or deaf? At that time I thought I would much rather be able to hear music than see things. You see, I love my music and have a lot of good and pleasing(to me) music on my computers. Music is my heartbeat. I have a collection of 222 genres, 242 artists, and 165 entire albums. There must be over 2,000 songs. Well, it is but SIGHT is my soul. Sight inspires me to venture out looking for interesting and marvelous views. Sight allows me to read and write. I'm aware that sight is now my choice. Of course I know that the choice isn't really my own but feel lucky to have both functioning as well as they do! 

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