Sunday, February 18, 2018

The "Saver"

I received some honey lollipop-type spoons with which I was supposed to use in a cup of special tea that went with the Christmas gift. The tea was in a neat tin, which I have saved but I never stirred the honey spoons in any of it. Instead, I sucked on them and then kept the sticks. I liked the sticks because they had a small wooden ball on one end. There were five. When I went looking for a picture of them online I soon discovered that they are very expensive! Most are $2.00 each! That was a surprise. Here is what they look like before being licked away!
Then I had an idea! Because there were five, I thought of a star. Yes, a star. 
So I got out the glue gun and formed it. 
Now what? Well since I had leftover jute from my pine cone craft I started weaving over the sticks. The result made me think of a spider web.
I cut a cork and glued it over the middle on both sides. What else is needed? A spider of course! I have no black pipe cleaners, no black pom poms, no foam balls, no fake spiders. That will have to come later, BUT! here's a preview!
please click on image to view larger
Maybe I'm ready for the funny farm after all...

"The spider is a spiritual ally who helps foster creativity and independence. One of the most industrious of creatures, the spider works resolutely towards her goals and teaches us the value of perseverance. At the center of her web, the spider connects us to the intricate energies of the spirit world. Working with her special energy attracts magical coincidences into our lives."


  1. Lovin' it!! At first I thought you were going to make a trivet...but, enjoying Halloween as I do, I like this MUCH better!