Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Month of Love

I spent all yesterday afternoon fooling around with graphics. The hearts are masks that I created and then added other elements. Now I will have to get serious and try again. Since I have no real background or training in digital art, this is a great deal of fun for me and is very relaxing no matter how my pictures turn out. No one can tell me, "Do it this way, don't do that!" There are no rules!

I made this one in 2013
I made these a long time ago! I had a 1998 PowerMac G3 computer with different graphic abilities. Loved that Mac!
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  1. I particularly like the third one down. I do the same thing with my ancient photo program. It's twelve years old but it suits my purposes with my ancient computer. I smell a blog here. Lets hope I remember what it was when I go to write it.