Wednesday, February 7, 2018


What: Brain Drain of persisting images
When: 1939 - 1946
Who: Me
Where: Grandma Drake's kitchen in Hackettstown, NJ
Why: Transference of memory pictures of happy days from the past
How: Hand drawn and image computer creating

These images have been pounding my mind with colorful and very detailed visions so I have tried to show what I remember of times visiting grandparents.
In the Kitchen
I spent many hours at the small marble top table. There was always a jar of pencils there and I was given paper to keep me amused. The window overlooked their backyard flower and vegetable garden.
Against one wall was an old wicker chair with a wavy mirror behind it. It was fun to look at myself by standing in that chair.
There was a covered tin pail with wonderful lemon Jumbo sugar cookies stored under the kitchen sink. They were ALWAYS there! So tasty...
Next to the sink was the coal burning stove and oven. I was reminded many times not to touch it during the cold months.
Near the back door was a kerosene three burner stove. The kerosene made "glug- glug" noises when the burners were in use.
The cabinet near the dining room doorway was a very tall and imposing thing with a flour dispenser hanging on its side. I was never to crank the handle!
Another "appliance" in the pantry fascinated me, especially when the iceman came with his tongs clamped on a large brick of ice to fill the upper section.
This was a fun project for me when the snow outdoors was coming down wildly and fast. Next time the memory pictures start to annoy me, I'll try to empty them this way. I think I feel a dining room post forming already!
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  1. Hey! That was great! Very creative!

  2. This post was awesome Ms. G!! Loved going down memory lane with you! Reminded me of MY youthful times at MY grandma's farmhouse.