Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kitchen Activity

It seems that I just cannot stop the cooking and baking. Today I made a potful of homemade soup using broth I created with some frozen chicken bones and skins that I had kept from several dinners. The red, orange and yellow pepper strips that I cut and froze this summer were added, along with my chopped and frozen celery and onions. I added a few leftover green beans as well. Since my rice has walked off, I had to use elbow noodles but it was all good! 

Our daughter who lives nearby stopped in and joined us for the soup lunch. She even got into the pickled beets and egg jar that I had just filled, not caring that it is supposed to be used after a three day aging period. We worked on her picture frames and some 8 x 10" prints I made for her last week. I sent her home with some chili, meatballs, split pea soup and an extra chap stick! It was snowing as she drove off. 
The pumpkin pie that I recently made is gone. No, change that, it was devoured. 
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Tomorrow I have another project in mind. Stay tuned......

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  1. That made me remember my older 'middle' brother...he LOVED picked eggs in beet juice!
    That pie looks awesome.

    I made chicken corn chowder the other night. Today, it's pasta salad with shrimp.

    I am in a cookin' mood too. That's kinda scary.