Friday, January 27, 2017


It was a wonderful thing two nights ago when the power went out at 12:15 AM. We know the time because the Mister woke up for a bathroom trip and the dresser clock was blinking. He said it wasn't blinking five minutes earlier when he first looked at the time.

The greatest thing about the power going out is that the back up generator took over after about 3-5 seconds and he went right back into bed without worrying about it.  That power outage lasted until 8:45 AM the following day. The coffee was hot and ready and the tap and toilet water flowed freely, plus the TV and telephone (landline) worked. The cable didn't go out at all. (this time)

OLD Generator
Normally he would have had to push the old generator over to the pole with the special plug, gas it up, start it, come back into the cabin, disconnect the main power switch, go back out and plug it in to take over the operation. Then he'd worry about it stalling, or running out of gas before morning and not be able to sleep at all. It was noisy!  A nighttime failure in the past was a very difficult time. 

The next day we saw that a tree had fallen across our dirt road, downing the wires. The power company must have cut it up unblocking the road and repaired the line. 

All is good here! Since July 2015!   Generator Story


  1. Sweet! An auto transfer switch and sensing system is simply the best. How long will it run on a tank of fuel?

  2. That's amazing....I didn't know the generators could do that. I always thought they had to be manually started.

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