Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Lost is Found

When looking for my old (of course it's old) rolling pin under the kitchen counter corner cabinet, I came across these two older platters. The ceramic one was under the very large turkey roasting pan and the enamel tin one was under the ceramic one. I thought I had broken and tossed out the ceramic one years ago when I looked for it last year. I had totally forgotten about the tin one from Sweden. 

Well, I have decided that I will no longer put them back waaaay under there! When I get down to reach in that cozy far-away corner of no-man's land, I just plain cannot get up without help. They are easily accessible now - in my living room. 
Vintage K.E.R. Sweden Enamel White/Blue Oval Serving Platter
17 1/2" x 12"
Royal Cauldon Oval Serving Platter
15 1/2” x 11 1/2” Pattern ROC4 (Rose)

Oh, by the way, I was going to attempt to make gingerbread men - LARGE eight inch ones. I may get to it yet. 


  1. nice platters! good luck w/ the gingermen!

  2. Love the yellow rose pattern on the ceramic platter!

    Mmmmmm, gingerbread men. With raisin buttons/eyes/nose....gotta love 'em. Warm right from the oven....soft and still gooey. I'm drooling.

    1. ps....great santa surprise and cookies in the previous post!!

  3. Truthfully I know little about serving platters, but I still love your place.