Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Made with Love

Christmas Decorations from Loving Hands...

It is the time for renewing our appreciation for the efforts made to decorate our homes and trees at Christmastime. 

My mother was always crocheting it seems, and her projects at Christmas were simple and endearing. She made items for all four of us through the years. Here are a few to show you. My daughter now proudly displays them in her home during the season and they will be passed on in the future, as I have done. 
I have a special “beach friend” who also has made many many hand-made gifts for ALL of her friends through the years and I have been one of the lucky recipients. I treasure these. I have saved as many season's gifts to decorate, from all friends as they are signs of love and peace for me.  
Made in 1972
I too, have made a few. I've kept these. 
I wish I had kept more of the ones my children made for us. Here are a sample.
  PLEASE click on image to view details!  


  1. Wow....precious memories, times in your life...all shared with a loving heart. I so appreciated your photos of your treasures of the season. Awesome.