Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flower Child

I used to do this all the time when my first Mac came with a simple photo program. I took flower pictures from another site and put children's faces in the middle of the blossom. That was ten years ago! I didn't have a clue about resolution so they are very fuzzy because they're small, BUT!

I have just found a free web program that will let me do these again. It is difficult for me to learn so I try, try, and try again. I started completely over about a dozen times and I think maybe I've got it somewhat now! Yea! Success is reward enough. 

So, here is my first flower child of 2015.
"Aly Hibiscus"

"Oldies" from 10 years ago
Great Nephew
 Friend's Grandson
Friend's Granddaughter (Now 10 years old, new picture in the works.)

By the way, the temperature this morning at 7:30am was -14°!