Friday, September 12, 2014

One Week and BUSY

We've been to a Sunday brunch, a birthday diner for the mister with friends, a pizza party with a different set of friends, and we've been in the outdoor pool several times. This bustling life is so very different from our usual activity at home. The mister has been to the chiropractor three times, had his hair cut, and taken the dog to the groomer for a bath. We've gone grocery shopping, and the yard has been raked, the porch deck hosed and all furniture cleaned and set out. The golf carts are washed, thanks to a VERY good neighbor, and their tire pressures checked and brought to where they should read,  and batteries have been re-charged. Laundry is always caught up because I have a washer/drier here! Visiting with friends who we see only at this time or year is almost complete, and there are 2 more couples to arrive. Vegetables and fruits and cakes, books and other things have been both received and shared. It is the way here. 

Today it is my turn for a haircut. I've only been able to find time to access the internet very early in the morning as the WiFi connection fluctuates later in the day and evening. I've taken a couple of pictures to show you now but haven't done much in that area yet. So far one week has passed and we wonder where it went!

A neighbor has cared for my pineapple plant and it is flourishing.

The egret in the cove is still fishing daily.

The cactus has stopped flowering and purple egg-shaped fruit appear. of all I see the glorious skies, sea oats, sand and surf!

Please click on image for full views.


  1. gosh, those shore views and grasses! just lovely!

  2. Looks like you have settled in. Love the pictures, I miss being there!