Saturday, September 27, 2014


Weather is not cooperating! I can usually find something to get into, though; like going to the local Goodwill store and finding something special. As most of you know, I live in an old log cabin. I picked this up, thinking it would fit in there, then put it back, and went on my way. Later going through every aisle and nothing grabbing my attention, I started to leave and heard the picture calling to me. "Take me home! Take me home!" I knew I had to go back and, hopefully it would still be there. I should have remembered that if something interests me to put it in my cart, go on, and return it later if the charm it had when I first was attracted to it had faded. I was lucky. It was still there. Price - $2.00! Half price because it had the number of the day marked on the back -  #37. The picture had been professionally framed and the back is plain brown paper with no credits. I won't take it apart. Besides the apples, the colors, the faux wood frame, the fine handiwork was what really grabbed me. How many hours did it take to make? What kind of person spent so much time to complete it and why this particular picture?

After returning home, I tried to research the item and only found one comparable - on e-Bay. A metal advertisement sign. Now I did already know who the Shakers were and I also knew that they had a lot of experience gardening. There wasn't anything about Shaker applesauce, although recipes of wonderful Shaker dishes were "out there."  What do you think?

Then I rode the golf cart around the block to check on the Sword beans that are growing in a neighbor's site. One is climbing the power pole (maybe to reach the top!) and another is on the porch post. The promise of more 12 inch long beans is firm. They are fun and unusual.

The mushrooms are popping up everywhere. These were about 25 ft. from my front door!

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this bush was from a childhood workbook task I remember, "one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..." Well I guess it does, but it is strange looking.

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  1. the needlepoint is nice! i'd like some of your mushroom-creating rain!

  2. It really is a nice piece of work. I wonder how long it took when you add up all the time used to make everything. I particularly like the vintage sign. I have an old Coke advert hanging on my wall.
    Little known fact, "Mushrooms are popping up everywhere" was the original working title of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "June is busting out all over!" I know! It's hard to believe it's true!.

  3. Those mushrooms remind me of browned dinner rolls. Pretty shots of the bean stalk. How neat! I love the piece you purchased for your cabin. I've always wanted a log cabin. Seems so cozy and romantic.