Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Between the Raindrops

It is NOT raining! the moment...
The fungus are popping up here and there and everywhere! This is just a small sample of the varieties I see.

Earlier I saw a squirrel sitting on a branch holding a mushroom upside down between its paws and it was nibbling on the stem. Of course I didn’t have the camera with me. I was just on a ride to get some fresh air. I went back and started out again with camera on board. This egret thought it saw something but didn’t, after all.

Please click on image to view larger
It was a nice ride but clouds were threatening again so I went back to my cave. 



  1. such neat organisms. love the egret photos! i wish for a good, soaking rain!

  2. Fungus season already! It always sneaks up on me. I'll have to dig up all the decorations and plan the holiday meal.
    Once again I really like your photos.

  3. I love spotting fungus too. The textures and colors and WHERE they're found are extraordinary.

    Love the egret.