Thursday, November 15, 2012


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We do it the old-fashioned way. They are vermin! As I write this, I know that several more are surrounding my home looking for an entrance.  They carry disease.  They dirty everything they travel over. They scurry along baseboards, sticking to the walls, hunting for something to chew. They even can chew through plastic water pipes. Yes, they can. That happened to a neighbor. Mice can chew electric cords and cause fires. They can bury their seeds in vehicle's innards and clog up the heater, air conditioner, and other parts. They will hoard the little green poison pellets, if you use this method of control. They can hoard a considerable heap in your printer and kill it. Ask me. I know. They aren't just pesky, they are dangerous.

Of course, there are many ways to kill them. We don't believe in the "humane" trapping systems. A quick snap of the neck does the job and they never know what hit. Peanut butter is our bait of choice.

Each year our dog alerts to their attempts to enter this old cabin. He sniffs, sniffs, sniffs at the door or wall and won't stop. After all, he's a Rat Terrier and they are very good at what they do. They are very capable of hunting rodents above and below ground. He once sniffed one out that had been hiding behind our couch and, when it ran across the room, he caught it! How proud he was.

I will rest well after the traps come up empty for several days in a row.  


  1. We had one in our Jeep motor...he was taking the deer corn out of the bucket my husband had in the garage and putting it under the battery. We found the corn when we had to get a new battery. We also had one go in through the air vent into the inside of the Jeep and eat crackers that my husband had in the seat for him to eat on his hunting trips. He caught him with a sticky trap.

    I also remember your printer invasion.