Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rewarding Day

Another mouse! It was a light brown one and the largest we have ever seen. In fact, we have never seen such a brown color on a mouse. Our mice are grey!  My husband wanted to know if I would photograph it, but I was in the middle of baking a carrot cake this morning and my energy was just about spent. Into the trash can Brownie went and the trap was reset. This little bugger was caught in the carport and we never know which trap will go off each morning when we check them.

With the cake in the oven, I then had a moment to look for some information about brown mice.

Brown mice are nocturnal in nature and feed primarily on plants. However, they will consume whatever food sources are available to them. Brown mice are good climbers and may be found atop trees or manmade structures. They are also capable of running very quickly and jumping up to 18 inches in height. If food supplies are sufficient and predators are kept at bay, brown mice produce offspring throughout the year. Females produce up to 10 mice in a single birth and offspring are ready to reproduce within 60 days. (source: Orkin Pest Control)

The recipe I use for carrot cake is one that a neighbor gave me when I was first married in 1955. It is always a success and doesn't even need any icing. For many years, especially at Thanksgiving time I have turned it into "Gere's Fruitcake" by adding candied fruit, raisins, chipped pecans and baking it in a silicon 10 cup bundt pan. Could you smell it baking? It usually takes about 1 1/2 hours to be baked just right and then we begin to dig in. Cake for lunch? Why not!

Can you see the carrots? I love carrots.
Click on photo to drool!

After lunch and nap, I really must go outdoors and dress James. He's gone naked since August when he was treated with some boiled linseed oil mixed with turpentine. At first I was going to let him age naturally but then I gave in and decided to try to prolong his lifespan with a spa treatment even if for just a little bit. Wiley is already sporting his holiday bib.
By the way, my sweet potato vine has sprouted and seems to be doing well even though the countertop where it sits by the window is a very cold area. 


  1. Recipe please, I need to try that one, though when I make carrot cake I do use nuts, raisins, and pineapple. I usually use a box mix but I'm sure your's isn't and I want to try that one since it is successful for you when adding candied fruit.

  2. Unusual you glaze it?

    You just have a green thumb!

    And you NEED a cat!