Sunday, November 11, 2012

Buffet Experience

We sometimes go with a group of our beach friends to a pizza place called "CiCi's when we are in SC. I, personally, don't care for the pizza, even though there is a great variety of toppings available. It's a buffet and is usually very busy. It's fun to watch people pick and choose their favorites, but more interesting to me to just watch the people. I look at their shoes, their hairdos, their jewelry, and attire. Sometimes their eating habits leave a lot to be desired, and I notice there is a lot of waste.  I always choose the Italian salad because I can top it with my favorites and I enjoy the curly cavatappi noodles with Alfredo sauce and the chicken noodle soup, but best of all are the gooey brownies. My beverage of choice is the root beer.

Their menu reads:

"With over 28 varieties of fresh pizza, delicious pastas, crisp salads and delectable desserts, CiCi’s has something  for everyone. Our made-from-scratch crust, homemade marinara and garden fresh ingredients combine to make delicious meals."
The last time we all were there, I noticed this tired old broom standing in the corner. You can see how much use it has had! My friend had her cell phone handy and I coaxed her to shoot it. Then, when noticing the collection of uneaten crusts, I saw shapes and forms and asked her to take another shot. One of the friends collects and saves all these crusts to feed the ducks at the campground. 

Sure wish we had a CiCi's in Pennsylvania or nearby New York. The cost is right and the enjoyment with good friends is priceless.


  1. I love pizza! that place sounds like fun!

  2. We have CiCi's here. My favorite pizzas are taco and barbecue chicken. yummy! I love those brownies, too. We haven't been since our boys were young. They used to have apple pizza....I wonder if they still do. mmmmm....mmmmm...mmmm. You and your husband look so nice together!!!