Friday, August 24, 2012

Isaac Go Away

Photo by Dina, Creation by GMR

It looks as if our trip to SC will be on schedule. We leave PA three times a year, every year, to go to our little trailer which is put up permanently (tied down with skirting) in a campground on the beach! Yes, This has been our routine for the past fourteen years. We have only been evacuated once and it wasn't a good experience, but here we go again! We will stay about two months and return to PA for the winter. Yes, that's what I said... WINTER! We have to keep the old cabin pipes from freezing, especially when the power goes off when the generator will be started and used.

This is also the stretch when I go through complete computer and internet withdrawal and don't participate in ANY of it. Actually, I need to stay away from it so I can get some relaxing sea breeze, pooling, and camera exploration. The campground is very large and we enjoy it there. September and October is the time when my husband does a lot of surf fishing. Additionally, we meet up with all the friends we have made throughout the years who also return and some even live there full time. This is positively a fun time. Yes, there are episodes of "hurricane anxiety" but we feel that it is still unmistakably worth it.

Photo by Amy C. Florida
"If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough." 

"Once a beach baby,
always a beach baby."

Photo by fellow camper

So off we will go, tra la, tra la. 


  1. Oh, no! I am going to go through withdrawals. I so look forward to your comments, you emails, you pictures, you poems. You are my new friend and my editor of my blog! What will I do two months without a comment from you????? Truly, I am going to miss you something awful!

    I wish for you a safe trip, sunny days, and warm (not hot) weather. I have only seen the Gulf of Mexico once in my life, so if your camera holds out, take lots of ocean view pictures to post and show us when you get home. Hugs!!!