Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yes, honored, even though in a small way, it really matters!

For the last couple of years an older man and two little children have ridden their bicycles past our cabin. Once, I stopped them and gave them all some freshly baked cookies - that was about 2 years ago. They all ride by often and in all kinds of weather. Lately only the children are riding. They have been set free, I guess.

Today, the little girl, age about 7, on her bicycle with the training wheels, wearing a helmet honored us - very much so!

We live on this lake which has about 35 property owners, most of them seasonal. There about nine or so families who are here all year. These folks are one family of the nine. Their home is across the lake on the far side and we don't know them. 

One time I saw the man (grandfather of the children, I've since learned) in the bank parking lot and we said "Hello". I also noticed that his license plate had a gold star emblem. When I returned home I found out what the emblem meant. After inquiries I also learned that this gold star father lost his son in Iraq and is bringing up his grandchildren.

Well, to get back to the honor....

Years ago, my kids knew just who to go to when they needed help.  Today, the little girl just dropped her bicycle and tore off her helmet and ran to our front door. Her brother, about age 9,  stopped but stayed put.

"Can I use your bathroom?" "Of course", was our reply, "Come right in!" She did. We pulled the chain on the light fixture located over the medicine cabinet and showed her how to unlock the old-fashioned latch on the bathroom door to come out. 

When she left, she smiled and said "Thank you" got back on her bike and they rode away. We watched both go with big smiles on our faces.  

Their Grandpa has taught them well, designating a safe house and teaching good manners.

Wonders will never cease.

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  1. That speaks highly of your character that someone would teach their grandchildren to trust you, especially these days. That should make you glow. It would me.