Monday, August 13, 2012

A Slice of my Life

IF you have ever noticed, I use old time cooking utensils and kitchenware. I would have it no other way. They are still very functional and I understand them. That's most likely because I watched for at least 19 years how my grandmother and mother did things in their kitchens; even long after.

Today when I was slicing hard boiled eggs to make potato salad for lunch, I realized that I, again, was using old tools. How did they last so long? Well, they were made better and they were taken care of. And that's my opinion.  That old (retro, I think) slicer has been slicing eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, and other foodstuffs and hasn't failed - once! I had purchased a newer one some time ago and after two uses, the wires snapped! I took it back to the store and it was replaced. The 2nd one had wires snap the first time it was implemented. Out came my little Red Acme Slicer from its retirement.  (click on photo to view larger)

Now I have much older tools in use every day! Every day! Mostly kitchen tools.

I'll name a FEW - I don't collect them or anything like that. They were passed down. This partial listing doesn't include the old and very useful pots and pans, kettles, servingware or dishtowels.

bacon tongs (many uses)

bottle tongs

cabbage slicer

can opener

canning funnel



covered butter dish-Hazel

Foley food mill

Ekco Best hand mixer

jar openers (retro & vintage)

masher (many uses)

measuring spoons -the BEST!

Gem meat grinder

wall knife holders

pastry blender (many uses)

peeler (many uses)

sugar (& cinnamon) shaker

measured shaker

towel holder

vintage bowls-Fireking

many vintage bowls- Pyrex incl. 4 qt ovenware bowl

retro bowls-Brookpark plastic

 OLD wooden spoon back

OLD wooden spoon bowl


  1. You have quite a collection. Things definitely were made better in years gone by.

    1. When my Mom & Pop built the cabin they brought her mom's things to furnish it. When my mom died, she had added many of her own things to their "vacation home."

  2. Awww, maaannnn!! You just made me so sad!!! I had a potato peeler just exactly like that one. I don't have a clue what happened to it!!!! I MISS it!!!

    My mom used to spank my brother and me with wooden spoons that looked just exactly like those. Did my mom sell those to you in a garage sale?

    I still have and use weekly those same small tongs and I HAD that meat grinder, but sold it in a garage sale one time when I was desperate for money. My mom has some identical measuring spoons. I used to, but lost them and replaced them with colorful platic ones that won't stay on the little ring that holds them together. Bummer!

  3. Hi Gere, I always find your e-mails exciting and very, very interesting. I feel so blessed to have you as my e-mail friend and also a beach friend.