Friday, April 27, 2012

Very Good and Very Bad!

Today is "use up your baking supplies" day also called, "mustgo."  Whatever prompted me to bake cookies just might be the weather. It's lightly flo snurrying and cold outdoors. There was heavy frost on our vehicles this morning. Yesterday I hung laundry out, today I haven't even stuck my head out  - yet.

I have so many recipes for easy cookies that the ingredients in my cupboards ruled which to use. 
Let's see...1/2 box golden raisins (left over from tomato soup cake),  1/2 box dark brown sugar (left over from making pecan pies in January), and just exactly 1 tsp. pure vanilla remained from my winter projects.  Most households with ladies who bake, have a good supply of flour, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, milk and butter. Those I have. Today it will be simple raisin cookies. I almost can put together molasses cookies, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies, grit cookies or civil war cookies (with coffee) but needed just a tad more brown sugar and didn't feel like cooking down the grits. I must remember to buy more pure vanilla. It will stand in line again with my lemon, almond, anise and peppermint extracts.   

The good part is that whatever comes out of the oven here is not left in stock for very long. The bad part is that we are both piggies so I try not to bake very often anymore. However, whenever cookies are just coming out of the oven and if I happen to see the young couple from down the road strolling by on their usual morning walk with the two little children, I usually can run out and share. She once told me the little boy calls me the "cookie lady."  I like to be called names like that. 


  1. OH MY!! Those cookies look good. I have been thinking about making some oatmeal raisin applesauce cookies for the same reason. I have stuff I need to use up.

  2. I am ashamed. I haven't baked cookies or cakes from scratch in YEARS. I used to even bake homemade loaves of bread...the old fashioned way with yeast, kneading, rising, then baking in the OVEN. Maybe when i retire I will do that again. But then, the donut shop is only a couple of blocks away from us. lol

    1. Retirement has been a real blessing for me after raising a family of 6 children. I DID bake from scratch back then but it was MUCH easier and was just a matter of course! (No shops near us here now for goodies.) BTW. I'll bet your grandchildren would LOVE to get their hands into cookie dough!