Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is Spring Just Around the Corner?

Well, I've not written in a while. My get up 'n go was lost and it just might be back a bit now.  It seems that I have been getting such great pleasure reading the great blogs of others, that I have been feeling a bit insignificant and lacking in the natural ability to write interesting stories lately. Not that this is interesting but at least it's a start. Of course, since I will have no access to my computer for the next couple of months, in July I might have better stories to tell.

Spring is slowly arriving here. I have hung laundry out once or twice, and my baking endeavors have dwindled down to only one - a tomato soup cake, which was recently devoured by us like we never have had cake; maybe because it had the wonderful cream cheese and butter icing!

There is a lily of the valley growing in a crack on the front porch and hundreds more are springing up in the front flowerbed before the ferns and hostas and seedum all take over. The creeping myrtle is all over the back bank. Some people know them better as periwinkles. Yes, the daffodils are fading and falling over, the birds are nesting here and there and everywhere and I saw a goose couple with 6 fluffy tagalongs but didn't have the camera then.  We put water filled soda bottles all along the rafters inside the front porch roof because the bird nests were getting way too messy to deal with, especially after the little ones hatch. They have to go elsewhere and I'm sure they have. This is MY nest! Oh! I almost forgot! The grass is growing - everywhere - and the 50 year old willows that were damaged by Irene are now missing - almost. 

And so Spring is really coming. Did I forget that it would?


  1. I really enjoyed the pictures. The cake makes me hungry!!

  2. Love all the pics....but what in the world is tomato soup cake??? I never heard of that! Does it taste like tomato soup? And why do the bottles filled with water keep the birds from nesting there? Are they afraid of them? Or does the water just weigh them down so they don't blow away? You must have been a teacher youself...I am learning so much from you!

    1. Actually it's spice cake with a can of tomato soup added! I have recipe. If you'd like it, I can post it here.

      The bottles take up the spaces on the rafters where they love to make nests and the water holds the bottles from blowing down.

      I have "teacher" instincts due to lineage!