Wednesday, June 7, 2023


This is my local news station.
Yes, the air quality here is awful and...dangerous!  At 9:20 this morning I took 2 pictures.
Within 1/2 hour the views from my window were these!
On my honor I have NOT done anything to these images. This is really what I saw. It was eerie! Later, as the day went on, the orange glow changed to a grey smokey-hazy view. The air had a smoky aroma as well. (not unpleasant)

The day turned out to be OK here inside my den. My potter friend Al, just delivered a new item that I saw on one of his artist display posts. I asked him to hold it for me. It is a beautiful hand thrown treadle wheel piece. He says it is one of his newest ventures into carbon trapping and his results are amazing! This pour bowl feels great when cupped in my hand, and is unique! It holds 2 cups to the brim.
please tap image to view larger

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