Friday, December 27, 2019

Thank You Cards and Others

Or notes - which ever you choose, you really need to send them. That is because it is nice to know that a gift, large or small, is appreciated.

I just sent one to our son and his partner who brought us lots of nice fruits, walnuts and a ham. They only visit once in a while as it is a bit of a travel to get here and we really love their gifts.

I sent one to dear friends in HI for their extraordinary gift of a frozen complete seafood dinner. That was such a nice surprise and the thought that went into choosing just the right selection was on point.

We received a couple from others. That feels so warm and nice. We also love when nieces and nephews send photos in their Holiday cards. That doesn't mean that grandchildren photos aren't sent too! They are.

A note in a holiday card from a childhood and horse loving friend brought me to tears as it arrived so late. I was starting to have anxiety and was greatly relieved when the card came, to know she was still out there, caring for seven horses at age 83. She says it's what keeps her going! Wow!

Face to face thank-you expressions are nice and notes are too!