Friday, April 28, 2017

It is Definitely Spring!

The land is covered with flowers that make my heart sing. I love even the flowers of all weeds. It's Mother Nature at her best.
Dandelions -Where is PAUL? He was going to make wine!
Stream behind dam
Our handyman has a full day's work here. Our list is LONG! The work is hard. 
He has a list of stuff to do - It will take him all day. We pay in cash and it will cost about $100. I notice that he is spraying himself all over as the bugs are out and thick. His sweat attracts them and also, he has had Lime disease once before and we sure hope he never has it again. 

1. Hang boring bee traps on peaks of roof
2. Take Tranquillity sign down so we can sand and stain it.
3. Take the bird house down that is up in the rock garden on a long pipe and clean it out and put it back up.
4. Stir up the carport gravel because it is full of road salt and stuff that drips off of car.
5. Blow out all house gutters and fasten loose ones.
6. Rake all lawns front and both sides and wheelbarrow it up back of the rock garden and dump there.
7. Rake gravel into road from plow mess on road fronts both sides of road.
8. Pick up all sticks down by trees at beachfront, break up and bring to back of rock garden.

The mowers and weed whacker fellows will be next in line to work here. The Mister simply cannot do it anymore and can relax. He has paid his "dues."
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  1. Lyme disease...I don't know of anyone that has had this...but what I've read about it, it's scary.

    What gorgeous, gorgeous blossoms around your neighborhood. And love the creek. I could sit by that by the hour.

    1. Actually he still is getting blood drawn and tested regularly and is on antibiotics for the Lyme disease that he was diagnosed to have last year. He's a real determined worker and it takes its toll making him weak and tired. He has good days and not so good days. Today was a good day.

  2. I'm right here! I'm Just getting ready to go out for a bite to eat with Arlene and we might kill a bottle of wine later but it won't be dandelion. More than likely a Cabernet. I never had dandelion wine. "Hic!"