Saturday, October 4, 2014

Big Boys and Girls Have Big Toys

Our friends brought their newest toy to the beach this time. It is the Fall Bike Week here. The bikes are allowed into the heart of the campground during the Spring and Fall Harley Rallies. They are permitted to park on their sites and ride around within the property. They are a great group of people and are well behaved. It is neat to see all of the bikes.

 This site is occupied by long-time good friends.

 The above is my "CREATION"

This year isn't as large as in the past but the weather has been pretty good at the end of this week and they are all having a good time.  We used to ride many years ago and we understand pretty well, most of what it is all about. They come here to ride and enjoy the coast and the wonderful activities of the area including the great food and comradery.

Anyway, I haven't been taking many pictures, except for some of the continuing growth of ugly fungi and pretty bikes. I have been spending every afternoon in the outdoor pool and my younger and more agile friends are enjoying the water slides and lazy river here. Soon it will be over due to weather becoming colder, but for now......

Oh! By the way! Have you ever seen such a large RV? It has 6 slide-outs! (I don't know WHY the picnic table holds the toilet!)

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  1. Great pictures.... glad you are enjoying the pool. Wish we were
    there enjoying it with you. Miss you....