Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beach Finds

For about 22 years, I walked the beach in front of the campground and state park for innumerable hours at different times of the year. I walked to a pier about 2 miles up the coast if the tides were not going to affect a swash where I had to cross both going and coming If it was going to be high tide during the walking time (always morning) I walked south in front of another beachfront campground and past it for about 3 miles. It didnt matter if it was windy or cold, I found walking to be an experience in itself - a special feeling of freedom and peace.  Countless times I brought back multiple varieties of shells, rocks, dead starfish, dead horseshoe crabs, mermaids purses, egg cases of other mollusks, assorted other echinoderms, bivalves and gastropods, and diverse examples of marine life. 

A favorite thing to do after I returned was to wash and dry out all of my finds and then research each treasure.  I then could name my things and know all about them. The greatest part of the gathering was then to show others, whether they were friends or strangers on the beach conducting similar searches. 

I regret not taking enough good pictures of my finds, but today, I decided to preserve my sharks teeth via camera. I havent decided what to do with them, yet. I may go to the pier and give them back to the sea, even though Ive been offered $ for them by fellow beachers. They are not spectacular, but each and every one meant that I had to bend, pick up, put in my pail, bring home, wash, dry, and store them. One was brought back to PA when an expert from the Smithsonian was in this area at a fossil display and identified it as being about 1,000,000 years old! I had him write down its name and age. That is my best treasure. None of my teeth are large like some you can see in museums. but it sure was fun to find one - of any size!

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Several years ago I gave a large  glass jug of frosted beach glass pieces that I had found to a local wire and glass artist-link- who now has a booming jewelry business. In return she made a glass and driftwood mobile for me and it hangs on my porch whenever Im here.

Beach Peace Video link


  1. really nice finds! i have a small jar with shark's teeth in it from a trip to florida we made a few years back.

  2. Funny for all the times I've been to the ocean I never saw a sharks tooth.
    The closest ocean beach to me has the same color sand as the one in your video but the sand on Martha's Vineyard is more tan.
    Truth be told I would rather drive back to Martha's Vineyard, than drive the 7 miles to Revere Beach.

  3. Do you have a picture of the tooth that is 1 million years old? Did you sell it? That is an amazing collection!