Friday, February 28, 2014

Hanging Indoors...

Well I’ll bet you wonder what I’ve been doing. I’ll tell you that not much is going on here right now. It is a bit too chilly for long stays outdoors, even though the sun has been shining. I'm waiting for more flowers to bloom and, of course the pollen.

Reading and note-card making today have been my main occupations and now I’m in a creative mood so the note card count will increase. I just started feeling the mood and have all of my supplies ready and waiting. I brought them from home and now realize that my workspace here is uncomfortably limited! And there is the question of meals. Spread it out, start to work, and suddenly it is mealtime! (Not for me, but the Mister insists on eating at regular hours.)

Ok, I'll stop fussing now and maybe I will have created more than the measly six that I made this morning. I do not work on projects after lunch because my creative juices flow only in the morning! Would you believe that? It's true.

They are actually perfectly rectangle-shaped 5 1/4 x 8 inches so can be mailed with only one stamp on the envelope. This photographer had a bit of a time taking their pictures.

 click image to view larger


  1. Man I love those shots! I haven't done anything like that but I may have been inspired. I try to be creative. I used to write songs and make my own recordings but I haven't done that in about 12 years. Music is my #1 love. When I was a kid I wanted to be Eric Clapton in Cream.

  2. Oh my goodness Ms. G-----------these are incredibly beautiful. May your morning creative juices flow again, soon!!! Keep up the good work.