Friday, November 25, 2011

James - 2011

Frozen in January.

He started of the year with a new scarf and continued to become a fashion plate. His duds were varied through the seasons. In April, his attire drew a comment from a young grandson, who said, "Grandma! James would be embarrassed if he saw himself in flowers! He's girly!" Well, yes he was, but Spring was here and she brings birds, bugs and flowers. Besides, what is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine!

July brought flags, banners, and fireworks as he celebrated Independence Day with us by displaying the symbols of our independence.

August is a grand month for going fishing, exhibiting your license on your hat of course, and then for a birthday party celebration! As anticipated, his buddy "Wylie" breezed in.

When we left him for our extended vacation in September, he was chained to the premises as it was important to ensure he'd remain safely on guard. He aged during that time, becoming a bit greener around the gills, but staunchly held his ground even though his hat was snatched by a crow!

Turkey feathers RED??? Well, why not! Thanksgiving is all about thankfulness for colorful leaves, pilgrims, indians, gatherings, friends and family.

James is, after all, family!

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