Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have no idea of what motivated me to write this. I was 40 then. It was the 70's. I guess I've always been resistant to change and "Progress."


Once there was a man
Who lived within the wood,
He’d hunt and fish and sing,
And knew his life was good.
And then they found the man
And took him far away…
“To a better land,” they said,
“He’d have to learn to stay.”
But soon the man grew sad,
His body wracked with grief.
They killed the lonely man
Because of their belief.
Why did people try to change
His happy way of life?
Did they know he left behind
His baby and his wife?
Now the child is grown,
His mother died today,
So deeper in the woods he’ll move
To live his father’s way.

By Geraldine, 1976

My Great Grandparents James & Malinda

James and my mother 1915

Family Picnic 1916

Now, this is GOOD PROGRESS!!!!!

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