Friday, July 29, 2011

Back for a Bit .....

Well, as can probably be expected, I've not been in the mood to write anything. I've been obsessive/compulsive about making computer generated movies and slide shows, using my personal photos. I don't have a movie camera so are all taken with my regular snap camera; (wish I had a zoom lens). It takes a great deal of persistence to learn how to do this and complete them so they are pleasing and interesting - at least to me - and hope others can have fun too.

I'm a slow learner when I teach myself, so bear with me. Some of the movies really mean something to me, such as the Hawaiian wedding of my girlfriend's daughter. She eloped unexpectedly 25 years ago and it is a successful and productive marriage. The couple liked my work and that brought us all enjoyment. The Yummy show used photos she sent me from HI and she didn't realize she had taken so many to show us "mainlanders."

The flying whirlygigs are an important part of living here because they are my imaginary friends. Everyone needs those. "Alvin" is the special one.

I DO love bugs, beans, and other such things. So........

My other obsessive actions this month seem always to involve my love of music. Today I uploaded many Leon Redbone renditions of old songs that I especially like. I just float away on his wavelength! It's hard to control my wants and "needs."

The weather here has been muggy and miserable so I have stayed indoors - with my friend, iMac.

By the way, James celebrated the 4th with a new outfit and then went fishing with another.
Oh, and....we just might have pink ducks and geese and also black flamingoes next year here at the lake. We have had company on the lake's floating log.

Try to have a good time with the 8 new movies here. I did!

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