Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hardy Hibiscus

I just found this plant. The lady who is growing it tells me she mail-ordered it and it came as a six inch stick! Well, it is almost 6 feet tall and has so many buds and I was enthralled.

She tells me that she dead-heads it every day as each opened blossom lasts for only one day, but there are always one or two more open the next day.

After reading about this, I've learned that they come in many colors and some blossoms will reach a span of 10 inches! I'm not sure if this one is a Cranberry Crush, Fireball or Heartthrop. Aren't the names nice?  Anyway, I'm going back again and enjoy this flower because of its huge and glossy delicate beauty.

and this is from the next day.....a newly opened bud..


  1. This is a beautiful flower. My mom had them.

  2. I wish I could mail you one.....we have tons of them around all colors....yellow, red, hot pink....I had one on my porch for a couple of years and posted pictures of the flower. It was red. I love them....they attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The one I had I bought at Sams and they came with their trunk twisted around so that it was like a tree....and it got so big, it outgrew our porch, so we planted it, and alas, it didn't survive the winter. Take a short cut to your summer lake place by way of Texas and stop at any nursery....they will have lots of them to chose from!