Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ride-About and Around

In addition to my other camellia post, I found this bush today and it is producing the most beautiful and red flowers of all. They were only buds about eleven days ago. They are late bloomers due to being in the shade, I believe.
 Click on image to view larger...

The Lily of the Valley look alike flowers are to be found throughout the park and they are big and beautiful - BUT - they have NO fragrance! NONE! We have a different variety in Pennsylvania. They were always my mother’s favorite and they were her father’s favorite and I love their aroma. Our Lily of the Valley are much much smaller but WOW! they give out a luscious and divine aroma whether growing wild or plucked and brought indoors. They are somewhat invasive, but their sweetness filling the air around them forgives all. I  know what these look alikes are called and they ARE pretty. They are Spring Snowflake- AKA Lleucojum.

The rocky cove was inhabited with an additional fellow this morning. The first one might be a lady and she is plain brown headed with a whitish chest. The new arrival is blond on top and brown chested. But! Again! they did nothing except preen for over an hour as I was waiting for action.


  1. You have outdone yourself Gere! These photos are all lovely. Gorgeous flowers!

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love the Lily of the Valley. My Mom had so many.
    I understand the hour of preening then action. I drink coffee for an hour in morning and HOPE for action.

  3. Great photos! I am itching to get out there but it's cold again. Maybe next week.