Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Flowering I Shall Go.....

One of my most favored activities here in this large campground is hunting for and finding and taking photos of flowers. Oh! -  and bushes and trees and wildlife. 

I ride throughout the premises on my old golf cart with my camera and everyone knows by now, or should, that I am only looking for something to take home with me in my camera. I'm a flower stalker and snatcher, and harmless. 

The outdoor pool has had it's last dip by me yesterday. Even though the sun is still strong, the nights are cooling down as is the water in that pool.  There is an indoor pool and I hear it is now heated so it will be my main choice for exercise and conversations throughout next month before we return to winter wonders.  The ocean water is currently 79° but last week it was 84° and isn't an option for me as the waves knock me over and I can't get up!

The plants in the outdoor pool area are dying and looking scraggly, but I did find this spider flower, yesterday as a bud and today as a partial bloom.



  1. You got a great series of shots! The spider flower is beautiful!

  2. pretty!!!!
    79 degrees? ----no hurricane threat then, for sure!! Your season is over.

    ...and keep on 'flowering'!!!!

  3. Wow what a difference a day makes! Nice pics. Hope my computer is working properly and this gets posted. They can be tricky things.