Saturday, December 1, 2012


Once in a while someone says to me, "Why don't you just sell the cabin and move to someplace warmer?" (or easier to keep, or where you can have a washer, or where you don't have to worry about power losses, or closer to town)
I really can't explain it any better than to say my roots are here. The cabin is my home.  I belong here. It is my energy source. The cabin vibrations nourish my soul.  To abandon it would be forsaking myself. It is my protector. It is my karma, my destiny and I like it here.


  1. Oh, I would, too....except for being cold. That's just me though. I would bet you wouldn't like it here when it's 107 degrees. I don't like it here at 107 degrees either, for that matter. :) There's good and bad about every place, I guess.

  2. I understand your reasoning. I would never move from where I live because it is my home and I can't think of anyplace else I would prefer to live.
    I like the cabin.