Monday, May 22, 2017

Flowers Doing Well...

My few flowers are really doing well. The Fuchsia had endured very cool nights and very windy conditions. What amazes me is that it needs to be watered almost every day and not just a dribble, either! 
The Martha Washington Geraniums seem to be happy in their new pot. 
Best of all the Portulaca are amazing and REALLY doing well. If I were younger, I would have a garden FULL of them!
  I picked a few of the annual Lily of the Valley flowers.  They were my mother's very favorite flower and fragrance. They grow here still - in the old flower beds surrounding the cabin front porch. She said it was her father's favorite flower.

Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility and “You’ve Made My Life Complete” is the hidden message connected to the flower.

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A New Family

When I looked out on the lake this morning, what did I see? I saw a new family of Canada Geese. Thank goodness there are only two goslings but they are well protected by their parents. There is a resident lone goose on the lake that came near the family and the gander aggressively went into attack mode.  I never saw the goose sitting on the nest but sure am happy that not more than two have arrived - so far! They leave very messy droppings when they come up on the beachfront of ours and others. My air horn ought to do the trick this year instead of the pot lid being rapped with a spoon to chase them away. The photos below show them on the grassy dam.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Portulaca are already blooming! There are four little plants in each pot. They are already being checked out by the hummingbirds!
Henry is going to have a bellyful of the little Super Bells soon! 
The two Martha Washington Imperial Geraniums are potted together in a nice container. I can look down on them over the porch railing.
The red Geranium is now in the large pipe planter up by the rock garden. Photos later...When up there I picked some prettys that were growing on the bank. I believe they are Ajuga. I picked only a few for an in-home bouquet. There are many so come on over and help yourself.
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To learn more about Ajuga click on this link: Ajuga Link

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OH My, Goodness!

While we were at LaRue's Farm Market I saw a tableful of cut rhubarb stalks. When I asked for the price she said, "Take all you want, I have three times as much picked and it is free." I took a handful and promptly went home, washed and cut it and made rhubarb pudding. My mother used to make it but she used tapioca as the thickener. Some people love rhubarb/strawberry pie. Not me. Some like it as a cobbler - I never have made that and now will try with the next batch I have. 

I actually weighed the bunch I took after cutting it because I wasn't sure the old recipe would turn out. It's been a LONG time since I have made rhubarb pudding myself. Lucked out this time - it weighed one and one half pounds. Yes, I have a small scale I use for making hamburger patties. 

The end result was REALLY REALLY good! The recipe made one quart and I put it in 8 oz. containers. One will be for my brother, one for our friend, the trash collector and one for each of us. 

Try it - you might like it.
The other good thing is that the sun is shining and the laundry is hung out for the first time this year. Golly I sure do love to hang out my laundry and only did as much as I guessed would fit on the line today. The entire time I was doing this the birds high up in the trees were constantly singing their melodious songs to me and I felt close to nature with the sun and songs.

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High Hopes Here

Now don't be too surprised if my plans to grow beautiful flowers don't work out as well this year as I hope. I just plain don't have the energy nor ability to care for flowering plants anymore. Last year I had such great success with Henry and the Martha Washington Elegance Imperial plant that I did buy another similar one - and also saw an Elegance Rose Bi-color so I bought it too.  These flowers were purchased at my favorite place but they were still under greenhouse wraps so, hopefully I can put them outdoors this week. They sit on the kitchen countertop now.  This is Henry last year:
  Martha Washington Elegance Imperial  
The following pictures were found on the internet because I wanted to see how they would look in full bloom. I'll try to have mine do as well!
   Martha Washington Elegance Purple Majesty  
   Martha Washington Elegance Rose Bi Color  
   Happy Hour Tropical Mix Portulaca  
   Super Bells Tropical Sunrise  
  Calliope Medium-Dark Red Geranium  
The Mister will plant and care for this one.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Day after Mother's Day

A trip to our favorite place to find flowers was our mission this morning. They are almost all still under the greenhouse cover but we did buy a few. Aren't they beautiful? Henry will be happy. 

I forgot to show you the simple and tasty lunch we had on Mother's Day. I love this BBQ chicken which is cooked by a local mobil setup in a nearby business parking lot. They just opened again after their winter's rest. The Mister said there was quite a lineup for dinners and even pork BBQ but just chicken halves are all we manage. A tad of Bailey's went along with them and we were stuffed! 
Of course there are snail mail cards set up on display and several e-mail messages were received. One of them was a funny and lengthy video card. Telephone calls from other parts of the country came through and I felt loved. Still do.

"Pecos Bill's barbecued chicken is grilled over an open flame and is basted with Hayley's Wild Wild White sauce throughout the cooking process. This results in mouth watering chicken that delights the senses."

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Sunday, May 14, 2017


No, I'm not going to inundate you with tons of pictures of my beautiful mother. BUT! I am going to praise her with all of my heart, for the sacrifices she made for me, my siblings and our dad. 
Age 16
Mother of four teens in '54
Smiling at age 91
This lady was really a teacher - a teacher by example - a teacher by model. She was constantly showing us how to do things, how to explore and be curious. We females learned all about housekeeping and cooking and gardening and child care and personal care. She also was of the "proper" kind. Yes, we all knew how to hold forks, set a table, and say thank you but we also knew how much appearances and manners meant to her. She was very patriotic and religious.

Mother was a genuine giving person. I simply cannot tell you of all of the giving she did, not just material things but of her skills and knowledge. 

I have a lock of Mother's baby hair captured in a jewelry pendant that was hand-crafted by a beautiful young jewelry artist named Meg. This piece helps me to feel close to her and happy.

Her name is Pauline
Mother Was a Giving Person

Mother gave to others all of her life.
She gave honor and respect to her parents and her friends.
She gave her husband faithfulness and truth.
She gave her children a “proper” upbringing.
She gave her career dedication and diligence.
She gave her church and religious groups extraordinary reverence and participation.
She gave geniality to strangers.
She gave good care to her pets.
She gave time to listen.
She gave time to act.

She gave enthusiastic lessons in crocheting, knitting, sewing, and canning skills.
She gave others an appreciation of music and nature.
She gave tolerant patience to those who were difficult.
She gave sensible advice when asked.
She gave sincerity in her apologies.

She gave material things too:
Never did she visit me without bringing cookies, cake, home-made pies, or something she had cut out of the newspaper. She brought books and other interesting items.
Frugal with herself…very generous to so many others with contributions 
and offerings.

Many have benefited from her gifts of hand-made lap throws and afghans.
She was considerate and lenient…tranquil and calm.

I will always give HER my thanks and praise. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017


The generator came on about 5:30am. The house sounds continued so I just turned over and slept a couple of hours more, knowing that a complete outage had happened.

After breakfast, the Mister rode to town to get a new pair of sneakers. He encountered a road block right in front of the store in which he planned to shop. He was allowed to turn into the parking lot. He asked the fellow who was directing traffic what was going on. He was told that an oversized load on a truck drove into town, pulling down all of the wires. OK...mystery solved.

Power was returned about 9:50 but I missed one of my favorite Saturday morning shows - in fact, two of them: Home and Backyard and Jack Hanna; (not to mention that it is pouring rain and only 44° as I write this at noon.) Home and Backyard was also to give us another clue to enter their contest for Amish furniture. This is going on for three weeks and we can enter with our clue once a week. Missed this week's clue.  Jack Hanna was going to show us baby bears being pulled from the sleeping mom in the den to check them out!

So, another dreary day. OH! I forgot to tell you our lake is home to a LOON!  We have been seeing it swimming and diving and thinking it might be a loon but there is only one. The Mister heard its call loud and strong and now we know for sure we have a loon! If you would like to hear it, just click on the link below:

This is not my photo but is exactly what we see.
My photos are not very good as it is way to far out on the lake and I don't have a long telephoto lens.

Friday, May 12, 2017


A large limb fell on my clothesline last week and the tightener burst apart! Thank goodness the line itself didn't fall off from the pulley on the tree. If you have followed my stories, you will know that replacing the clothesline and the tightener is a major work for us; that is because the pulley is so high in the tree and we don't climb ladders anymore. We had to hang on to both ends so the rope doesn't come off of the pulley when replacing the tightener. The rope we use is window sash rope and it is very thick and strong but it gives us a hard time going into the tightener that has 3 ball bearings that separate to make an opening for the rope when the tube is pulled outward. 

Just go to a *previous story of only 6 months ago! Today we only had to replace the tightener but it still took all morning. Now I have to replace the broken spreaders. They are costly!
How lucky I am that my laundry can be hung out to dry and come in smelling like fresh air and sunshine!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Busy Busy

I saw our first hummingbird zipping around the area where its feeder usually is so I got to work and made up a batch of juice and hung the feeder out on the front porch beam. Then I moved the Fuchsia hanging planter from the carport to the beam as well. 

A scheduled appearance of house cleaners arrived to perform what we no longer can, inside this old cabin. The horizontal and 90° beams have been cleaned down with damp towels rinsed in warm water containing Murphy's Oil Soap. The fan blades are now clean and all overhead beams are now dust and spider-web free. It took two people, two ladders and almost two hours to complete this task at a cost of $63.00!! Well worth it, wouldn't you say?

THEN...The lawn mowing and weed whacking guys were here and went right to work as they do every week at this time of year. They did a little extra up on the bank behind the cabin as a type of weed persists growing there and must be cut off before going to seed. $30.00 for it all! 

Brother popped in with a tale of his sick car. He left with a piece of cake and an empty egg carton.  

So...we are $93.00 poorer, but 1,000 times happier than we were yesterday as this work is complete. The local workers don't take advantage of us old people at all, either; it is great to know and hire our local business folk. 

James Enjoying Sun

And so am I!
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