Tuesday, May 16, 2017

High Hopes Here

Now don't be too surprised if my plans to grow beautiful flowers don't work out as well this year as I hope. I just plain don't have the energy nor ability to care for flowering plants anymore. Last year I had such great success with Henry and the Martha Washington Elegance Imperial plant that I did buy another similar one - and also saw an Elegance Rose Bi-color so I bought it too.  These flowers were purchased at my favorite place but they were still under greenhouse wraps so, hopefully I can put them outdoors this week. They sit on the kitchen countertop now.  This is Henry last year:
  Martha Washington Elegance Imperial  
The following pictures were found on the internet because I wanted to see how they would look in full bloom. I'll try to have mine do as well!
   Martha Washington Elegance Purple Majesty  
   Martha Washington Elegance Rose Bi Color  
   Happy Hour Tropical Mix Portulaca  
   Super Bells Tropical Sunrise  
  Calliope Medium-Dark Red Geranium  
The Mister will plant and care for this one.


  1. Catching up on what I've missed while on blogger hiatus. Your mother was gorgeous! And the photo of her at 91...absolutely amazing!

    That BBQ chicken....I drool!!!

    And the loon photos...fantastic Ms. G. You know me with anything birdy. I enjoy immensely.

    Now your flowers. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do just fine with them. I so like geraniums, the fragrance and the blossoms; they just don't do well here in South Texas tho. At least for me. Too hot and too damp I think. Maybe root-rot, I am not sure. So, I'll enjoy yours!!!

  2. I don't have a green thumb nut some of my kids do so they bring flowers for mothers day and plant them when warm enough.