Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OH My, Goodness!

While we were at LaRue's Farm Market I saw a tableful of cut rhubarb stalks. When I asked for the price she said, "Take all you want, I have three times as much picked and it is free." I took a handful and promptly went home, washed and cut it and made rhubarb pudding. My mother used to make it but she used tapioca as the thickener. Some people love rhubarb/strawberry pie. Not me. Some like it as a cobbler - I never have made that and now will try with the next batch I have. 

I actually weighed the bunch I took after cutting it because I wasn't sure the old recipe would turn out. It's been a LONG time since I have made rhubarb pudding myself. Lucked out this time - it weighed one and one half pounds. Yes, I have a small scale I use for making hamburger patties. 

The end result was REALLY REALLY good! The recipe made one quart and I put it in 8 oz. containers. One will be for my brother, one for our friend, the trash collector and one for each of us. 

Try it - you might like it.
The other good thing is that the sun is shining and the laundry is hung out for the first time this year. Golly I sure do love to hang out my laundry and only did as much as I guessed would fit on the line today. The entire time I was doing this the birds high up in the trees were constantly singing their melodious songs to me and I felt close to nature with the sun and songs.

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  1. Never made rhubarb pudding. At the old house we had plentyin old garden along with horse radish.