Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Busy Busy

I saw our first hummingbird zipping around the area where its feeder usually is so I got to work and made up a batch of juice and hung the feeder out on the front porch beam. Then I moved the Fuchsia hanging planter from the carport to the beam as well. 

A scheduled appearance of house cleaners arrived to perform what we no longer can, inside this old cabin. The horizontal and 90° beams have been cleaned down with damp towels rinsed in warm water containing Murphy's Oil Soap. The fan blades are now clean and all overhead beams are now dust and spider-web free. It took two people, two ladders and almost two hours to complete this task at a cost of $63.00!! Well worth it, wouldn't you say?

THEN...The lawn mowing and weed whacking guys were here and went right to work as they do every week at this time of year. They did a little extra up on the bank behind the cabin as a type of weed persists growing there and must be cut off before going to seed. $30.00 for it all! 

Brother popped in with a tale of his sick car. He left with a piece of cake and an empty egg carton.  

So...we are $93.00 poorer, but 1,000 times happier than we were yesterday as this work is complete. The local workers don't take advantage of us old people at all, either; it is great to know and hire our local business folk. 

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  1. As you can see I am busy catching up on my reading. Now I should get off my butt and catch up on my housework.....nah.