Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sunny Saturday

The fern and lily of the valley plants are really growing now. I even found one little hyacinth smashed over by fallen daffodil leaves. There is hope for the lonely iris by the porch. The huge crop of them on the beachfront is developing nicely. James has had a change of attire and the flag is out for the holiday weekend. All is well.
Feel free to pluck some of the lilies. There are plenty to go around and the fragrance is delightful.
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Happy 62nd birthday to my firstborn today! She tells me she can't retire yet but hopes to very soon.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Yard Sale

Today we took a golf car ride up the road to a place that frequently has a yard sale. There is nothing at all fancy here but the fellow enjoys "collecting and reselling" as he puts it. Once in a while I find something that I just have to own - like today.

The first thing I picked up was a small grid to put under my rooster planter so it would be able to drain better on the front porch table. 50¢

Then I saw a new in-package heavy duty pair of scissors and needed to replace a broken pair for kitchen use. $1.50.

A glass maple leaf-shaped container grabbed my eye and I thought it might make a nice gift for my brother who makes and shares his maple syrup each year. $3.00.

The thing that got me excited - silly me - was a vintage shabby Bromwell three cup flour sifter with the wooden handled crank. It had great patina and I was fussing a while back about not having one like my mother always used. Had to have it. $3.00.

In case you don't know, in 1819 The Jacob Bromwell company invented the world's first flour sifter and the company is STILL in business! This is important to me because it is the oldest housewares company in America and one of only a handful of kitchenware companies that still manufacture all their products in the US.  This All-American Flour Sifter is still being made!

It was patented in 1930 by a descendant of Jacob Bromwell, Thomas G. Melish. 

Bromwell's Service metal Sifter, Pat. No. 1.753.995
“A sifter comprising a body having perforations in the opposite sides thereof, a screen in the body through which to sift the contents thereof, and an agitator in the body adjacent to and adapted to pass over the surface of the screen to promote passage of the body contents through the screen, said agitator consisting of a single piece of wire bent upon itself at approximately the middle of its length to form a journal to occupy one of the body perforations, each branch of the wire adjacent the journal being shaped to the screen and lying in the plane of its cooperating branch, the ends of the branches being bent to lie together loosely and to occupy the opposite body perforation, one of said ends terminating just beyond the perforation and the second end bent beyond the perforation to provide a crank whereby to rotate the agitator. 

This big spender is a happy lady today.

Looking down into the container
Bottom side up
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Source of some of my information:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thelma's Recipe

About forty six years ago we lived in a large ranch house on the "other side" of the lake. Our property bordered a great neighbor's who was a down-to earth lady. She and her husband grew a large garden and she was a good cook and baker. I was very fortunate to be the recipient of many of her wonderful baked goods and tasty meal samples, along with fresh garden vegetables. It was all about sharing. We traded recipes often and I have several of hers that are in regular use here. Unfortunately she developed an incurable illness and left earth in 1987 but her memory has remained with me and always will.

Today I baked her banana bread. Try it and you will love it as we still do. It is a "no-fail" recipe and the only thing I did differently was to use a little vinegar in milk to replace the buttermilk it calls for.  I also added some dried craisins - only a few.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Down the Road Again....

Since I see that buttercups are now in bloom, I thought I'd take a ride and take their picture. My camera just doesn't do yellow flowers well - at all! Anyway, you get the idea that it's buttercup time. They are all over!
I saw some Mountain Pinks that have been abandoned but still are thriving. They come in all colors.
I passed a well-used "woodpecker tree" just before seeing the new family of the lake.
And when rounding the corner of a neighboring area these buildings took my eye.
I kinda like the empty house on the hillside. 
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Ride Along With Me

Today the sun was out and the sky clear. Another rideabout the countryside called me. Of course I do stay quite close to home, hoping to never have a breakdown! On my way to a location where another lake is, I saw many things that caught my eye. First was the dormant corn fields with an overgrowth of Wintercress, aka Yellow Rockets. They led the way to a farm and barn that no longer is a working place.
I passed a cluster of wild chives, ajuga and a lovely large tree just filling out with healthy-looking leaves.
As I passed the barn I noticed how its sturdy structure was still pleasing to view.
I spotted a beautiful bird flying over one of the neighboring lake homes.
Then saw one of the largest stumps I have ever viewed in a front yard! That must have been some tree! 
Pretty pink bush stands out.
Now I have seen this stone wall before but today had my camera with me. I know this is slag glass because I have a chunk at home but no one was around so I can't tell you where or how they obtained theirs. I just find them very interesting! There are three and one is broken.
This looks to be a restful place by the edge of the lake where violets grow...
And more Ajuga growing in a circle on my way home.
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What a ride!