Saturday, May 13, 2017


The generator came on about 5:30am. The house sounds continued so I just turned over and slept a couple of hours more, knowing that a complete outage had happened.

After breakfast, the Mister rode to town to get a new pair of sneakers. He encountered a road block right in front of the store in which he planned to shop. He was allowed to turn into the parking lot. He asked the fellow who was directing traffic what was going on. He was told that an oversized load on a truck drove into town, pulling down all of the wires. OK...mystery solved.

Power was returned about 9:50 but I missed one of my favorite Saturday morning shows - in fact, two of them: Home and Backyard and Jack Hanna; (not to mention that it is pouring rain and only 44° as I write this at noon.) Home and Backyard was also to give us another clue to enter their contest for Amish furniture. This is going on for three weeks and we can enter with our clue once a week. Missed this week's clue.  Jack Hanna was going to show us baby bears being pulled from the sleeping mom in the den to check them out!

So, another dreary day. OH! I forgot to tell you our lake is home to a LOON!  We have been seeing it swimming and diving and thinking it might be a loon but there is only one. The Mister heard its call loud and strong and now we know for sure we have a loon! If you would like to hear it, just click on the link below:

This is not my photo but is exactly what we see.
My photos are not very good as it is way to far out on the lake and I don't have a long telephoto lens.

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  1. Sorry you missed your clue for contest
    I wasn't watching so no help. I don't watch TV during day usually
    I love to read.