Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Family

When I looked out on the lake this morning, what did I see? I saw a new family of Canada Geese. Thank goodness there are only two goslings but they are well protected by their parents. There is a resident lone goose on the lake that came near the family and the gander aggressively went into attack mode.  I never saw the goose sitting on the nest but sure am happy that not more than two have arrived - so far! They leave very messy droppings when they come up on the beachfront of ours and others. My air horn ought to do the trick this year instead of the pot lid being rapped with a spoon to chase them away. The photos below show them on the grassy dam.
Click on image to view larger


  1. We have too many on our lake. Right now we have 5 chicks to one set of parents

  2. Awwww, sweet! I wouldn't mind their mess at all.