Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rideabout the Lake

Since it is difficult for me to walk a distance, I commandered the Mister to drive me and my "camera buddy" around the lake because I wanted to take pictures of the many rhododendron bushes that property owners have planted through the years. I have none here - what everyone has I don't want. It's a "Gere thing." I already missed taking shots of the beautiful lilac blooms in a neighbor's yard because it has been raining and windy all week. Now they are gone.  

"The rhododendron (rhododenron maximum) is undoubtedly the most conspicuous understory plant in the mountain forests of Pennsylvania. In ravines and hollows and along shaded watercourses it often grows so luxuriantly as to form almost impenetrable tangles. In June or early July, large clusters of showy blossoms, ranging from white to light rosy- pink, appear at the ends of the branchlets. People travel many miles to witness the magnificent show which is provided by the rhododendron at flowering time."

Link for more info.

These are my rideabout results. Next door they are deep pink. The white ones in the middle of the bush haven't yet opened.

Down the road on the backside of the lake are a couple of lavender bushes.
And back on the homestretch are two places with a mixture of pinkish red and lavender plantings.
Closer to the cabin you will see more humble flowers such as wild phlox and little buttercups. The best part for me is my beachfront with the iris.
And one VERY THIRSTY Fuchsia. It drinks three cups of water every day!
To top it off, the Canada Goose family is doing very well.

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