Friday, May 26, 2017

Blooms, Butterflies and Baby

As the weather becomes warmer Mother Nature is on the move. The burgundy bearded iris by the porch are in bud and the ones down on the beachfront are really large this year. I look forward to their beauty. These are old ones, often called flags, most likely started as rhizomes from my parent's home and planted here many years ago. Do you know that Iris is the name for the Greek Goddess of the rainbow?
Photo taken May 26, 2017
Photo taken May 30, 2016
I'm also starting to see various butterflies here. This one seemed to be weak and might have just hatched but soon flew away. It is an Appalachian tiger swallowtail. 
And, today is my first child's birthday. She is 61 and was brought home to a little OLD one room chinked log cabin on the top of a hill in rural North New Jersey. I had to push her in her carriage along with the laundry, down the hill to the landlady's home to use the washer and then go back up to hang diapers and other things out on a long pulley clothesline.  She didn't have a crib. We had a nice carriage and we had a "car bed" for travel. We also had a bathinett for changing and bathing. I haven't had the ambition to scan some of those old photos but the memories remain very clearly for me. The following photos are from the internet and are just like what I had in 1956.
Oh and yes, I still have some of these diaper pins saved.
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  1. I remeber washing the first's diapers by hand on a washboard until my dad got me an Easy Go washer. That had a spin dry cycle instead of the wringer.

  2. I remember using those pins also.